SSH keys can be uploaded to Djinn CI to be used in the build environment. These will be added to the build environment after driver creation. Each SSH key that is uploaded is encrypted, and can have custom SSH configuration along side it. With this you will be able to clone from private repositories.

Note: If you are concerned about the security of adding keys to the build environment, then it is recommended you create a separate key that is used for cloning repositories only.

Creating a key

Keys are created from the SSH Keys link the dashboard's sidebar, and by clicking the Create button in the top right hand corner.

A key needs to be a valid SSH private key. During creation you will have the option to specify configuration for that key, for example,

    User git
    IdentityFile /root/.ssh/id_deploy

the given name of the SSH key will be normalized with _, for example if you give the key a name of my deploy key then it will be stored and referenced as my_deploy_key.

Keys can be grouped into a namespace just as any other resource.

Using a key

You don't need to add anything to a build manifest for a key to be placed into the build environment. All keys available to the build through a namespace will be placed into the build environment, and all key configurations will be collated into a single /root/.ssh/config file on the build environment.