Djinn CI is a continuous integration system for automating builds of a program's source code, its features include:

  • Running builds inside of Docker containers and Linux VMs
  • Cron jobs for repeatable builds
  • Namespaces for organizing builds, and their resources
  • Custom Linux VM build images
  • Integration with GitHub and GitLab for build triggers on pushes and pull requests
  • Support for multi-repository builds
  • Build artifacts - collect files from the build environment
  • Build objects - place files into the build environment


Get started with Djinn CI, learn how to submit your first build, organize resources into namespaces, and setup integration with external providers, read more...

User documentation

Learn about the build server at a high level, and how to use it to run your builds. This will cover what a build is, how they're executed, and how you can connect to an existing Git provider to have your builds trigger whilst you develop, read more...

API documentation

Learn how to interact with the build server via the JSON REST API. This will cover everything from what resources the API server exposes, to how OAuth apps can be created for interfacing with the API, read more...

Admin documentation

Learn how to deploy and administer your own installation of the build server. This will cover how to build the server from source, the recommended strategies for deploying it, and how it should be administered, read more...